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I don’t have a problem with JohnDave shippers, like ship whatever you want idgaf but the problem arises when they act like ITS SO COMPLETELY AND OBVIOUSLY CANON HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT THE ENTIRE COMIC IS ABOUT THOSE 2 PUBESCENT BOYS WANTING TO BONE EACH OTHER!!11!!






“I like clothes now. I have more energy. I sleep better. My sex drive is up. Blood’s flowing. I’m less susceptible to impulse. I’m in a different mode. When I was way out of shape, the idea of using whitening strips on my teeth seemed terrible. I have to do that every day? I’ll never do it. What you want is instant results when you’re out of shape. You want your teeth whitened in 45 minutes with the use of lasers. But when you’re in shape, you know it’s the result of doing a little bit every day. Moments aren’t just moments. A moment might be a week or a month. So instead of Boy, I’d love to eat this hamburger right now, I’m considering a little further into the future. I’m thinking, I eat that hamburger and that’s 1,200 calories, and I’m gonna work out tomorrow and lose 800 calories. I may as well eat a salad here, still do that workout, and then I’m actually making progress.” — Chris Pratt

This just motivated the fuck out of me.

Chris Pratt is my new god

i love him

"WHY WON’T YOU D13???!!!!"

More art trade Jade/Dave for dapperyoungmiss. A ton of you guys wanted this pairing so I hope you don’t mind if I get a little creative with the scenarios after a while. I was feeling Zombie Apocalypse today.


*misplaces one finger on keyboard* *windows 8 opens up start menu, does a search, opens up microsoft word, automatically types “fuck you” 37 times, notifies the nsa, notifies obama, shuts off and self destructs*

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drake & josh
  • season 1: drake helps josh w/ a crush
  • season 4: drake & josh accidentally sell an orangutan to a man who eats orangutans
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